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Photo courtesy of Don Borin/Stop Action Photography Eastlake Wolves senior point guard Gina Marxen embraces coaches and teammates after on senior night in the regular season finale against the Issaquah Eagles on Feb. 6.

Prolific point guard leads Wolves

By Shaun Scott, 02/14/18, 1:27PM PST


Point Guard leads Wolves

Surveying the floor is something that comes naturally to Eastlake Wolves senior point guard Gina Marxen on the basketball court.

Marxen has the proverbial keys to the Wolves offense, which is something she relishes and cherishes. Marxen credited Wolves’ head coach Sara Goldie, assistant coach Megan Novak and her teammates for trusting her at arguably the most important position on the court.

“We talk a lot and we’re always on the same page. They trust me to call the offenses and the defenses. We just know what we are looking for,” Marxen said of the game-plan on a nightly basis. “If I see something, I can call it out. My team has trust in me and I have trust in them.”

The Wolves, who advanced to the Class 4A state tournament last season, are simply dominating their opponents this season. The Wolves have put together a formidable 20-1 record thus far.

“We’re one of those teams that likes to spend time together off the court. I think that is a really big part of our success which is just being around each other when you don’t have to be,” Marxen explained. “It is just so fun. We all have similar personalities and just gel together really well.”

While the postseason is on the immediate horizon for the Wolves, Marxen is also looking forward to continuing her basketball career at the University of Idaho as a freshman during the 2018-19 season. Marxen committed to Idaho women’s basketball program this past summer. Her cousin Alyssa Charlston played for Idaho from 2010 to 2014.

“I really connected with the people there and went to a couple of games. The offense they run is something I think I can fit into really well. Once I saw the campus, I got to see how beautiful it was,” she said.

Recently the Issaquah Reporter had an opportunity to ask Marxen a few questions about her life away from the basketball court.

Issaquah Reporter: What is your favorite movie of all time?

Gina Marxen: “Trolls.” It is a Disney movie that came out a year ago.

IR: What is your favorite restaurant in Sammamish?

GM: The Sammamish Cafe. It is so good. I get the omelette every time and they cook it perfectly. It is the best place to get an omelette.

IR: What is your biggest pet peeve?

GM: When people leave trash in my car. I hate it. I have to clean it up. It takes a lot of work because I wait for a while and then it starts building up.

IR: What kind of music are you listening to the most in your iPod right now?

GM: I listen to everything. Rock, country and hip-hop.

IR: What is your dream vacation spot?

GM: It is Hawaii for sure. I have been going there since I was a kid with my family. We go there every spring break. We’re going to Maui for two weeks this year.

IR: If you could pick one person to go to dinner with, who would it be?

GM: Kobe Bryant. He is one of my favorite basketball players of all time.

IR: Who was your idol growing up?

GM: My parents. They set up a good pathway for me in life. My cousin Alyssa (Charlston) is one as well. She played basketball at the University of Idaho.